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1. I'm Lum the Notorious!

This episode opens with a baseball game and Ataru getting hit with a left field flyball. Ataru is soon escorted home and discovers he's been chosen to fight an invading alien force's champion in a 10-day game of tag. If he loses, the aliens will invade. But if he wins, the aliens will go home. Ataru isn't at all willing to play tag until he sees the alien's champion: the beautiful Lum.

2. It's Raining Oil All Over Town

This episode opens with Ataru friends Megane and Lum's Stormtroopers at school who are watching films of the tag game. In this episode, a space taxi gives Ataru a ride home by accident and the fee is...too much. Since Ataru cannot pay, the space Taxi Collection Agency starts stealing all the oil in the world.

3. Space Mail Arrival of Ten-chan!

This is the first episode with Jariten, Lum's cousin. Jariten arrives in a giant peach and he and Ataru are fiends at once.

4. Mrs. Swallow and Mrs. Penguin

This episode opens with Lum putting on makeup to go meet Darling at school. A swallow swallows some food Jariten gives it and it grows such that it looks like a penguin. It's appearance in school is just the start of a full day of panic.

5. The Metamorphic Handsome Man Rei is Here!

This show features the first appearance of Rei, Lum's former fiance. This episode opens with Ataru in his room watching a storm, and Lum trying to coax him to bed. Shinobu meets Rei and brings him to Ataru's house. After a lot of arguing, Rei challenges Ataru to a duel for Lum.

6. Drop Dead, You Lady-Killer!

Ataru, Megane, and friends are going to a Gyudon restaurant for lunch and are quite shocked to see Rei munching down food like a black hole. During the rest of the episode, Rei is chasing Lum, Ataru and friends and as the chase goes on, the chaos grows on.

7. Kintaro of the Autumn Sky

First episode with Kintaro, the vicious little boy with the pet flying bear and the red haired alien nanny. Lum and Jariten meet Kintaro inside a wind carp, and Kintaro tells them he's was looking for his nanny in the carp. Ataru, Shinobu, Lum, and Jariten try to help Kintaro find his nanny by asking around.

8. Live Vigorously!

Kintaro's nanny, with Ataru's help takes the alien children on a tour of Earth and a Earth child's school. Ataru tells the myth of the real Kintaro who grew up in the wild and slew a demon. So Kintaro decide to live up to his name.

9. The Mysterious Seductive Beauty Sakura

First appearance of Sakura, The Shinto maiden. Ataru can no longer endure Lum, so he has gone undercover. Unfortunately, at a restaurant, the appearance of Lum, Ataru parents, Shinobu, and Cherry blows his cover; and a mob chases after him. He manages to duck them and bumps into Sakura, who takes him home for exorcising.

10. Tormenting Virus

Arriving at school one morning, Ataru is greeted by all boys in the school who are waiting for the new nurse, Sakura, arriving at school today. Ataru appears to be sick, but in reality he is possessed; and Sakura performs the exorcism.

11. Love Triangle Black Hole

Ataru is phoning Shinobu in order to make plans for a date, when Lum interrupts and get's Shinobu mad at Ataru. Ataru throws Lum out and spends the rest of the episode trying to contact Shinobu. But Lum is persistent and uses a ray to jam the phone lines. But this ray also has the side affect of making a plane and a helicopter vanish.

12. Hey Hey, It's a Little Demon

Walking home from school, Ataru is assaulted by a group of black cats and gets a nasty bump on the head. At midnight, he is using two mirrors to look at the bump, when a little demon pops out of the mirror. The demon proves to be too much for Ataru and Mr. Moroboshi, so they get Cherry to exorcise it.

13. The Scary Electric Shock!

Cherry gives Ataru some yellow ribbons which when tied to her horns, negate Lum's powers. In order to coax Lum into wearing them, Ataru has to put on a big charade of really loving her.

14. The Doll of Ill Will

After an odd loss of control of his body after dinner, Ataru finds out Lum has some clay for making voodoo dolls. Ataru takes full advantage of the situation until Lum make a doll of Shinobu, and Ataru tries to get it away from Lum.

15. Neptune Beyond the Closet

First appearance of Oyuki, Lum friend and queen of Neptune. Oyuki also has incredible ice powers. Megane and friends visit while Shinobu is nursing Ataru, who has a cold; and they discover a gate to Neptune in Ataru closet. By accident, they go through this gate and arrive on Neptune to be greeted by Lum and Oyuki.

16. The Confusing Dinosaur Age

While Ataru is flying an ultra-light, with Lum and Jariten tagging along, Kintaro crashes into him. With the help of Lum's electric shock, the crash send them all back in time to the dinosaur age.

17. Sleeping Beauty Princess Kurama

First episode with Kurama, the karas-tengu princess. On a field trip, Ataru and friends accidentally meet a karas-tengu who takes Ataru to marry Kurama. Kurama then tries to reform Ataru to be her perfect husband.

18. Athletic Woman Hell!

Kurama uses a weird dimensional door to try and cure Ataru of his lechery. Inside the door, Ataru faces hostile versions of the girls he loves.

19 & 20. Pitter-Patter Christmas Eve

Megane and Lum's Stormtroopers set up a plot to embarrass Ataru and get Lum to leave him at the same time. They set up a date who will make a fool of Ataru, but Lum finds out and twists things around.

21 & 22. Ataru Genji Visits Heinkyo

First appearance of Mendou, the rich noble; but it is not until episode 27 that he really does anything. Mendou tells a tale about ancient Japan featuring the normal cast in a slightly different alien invasion story. The aliens this time, all look like a bunch odd barbarians, except for a pretty girl and her young boy cousin.

23. Love Battle Royale

First appearance of Tsubame, Sakura's boy friend who has some magic abilities. Sakura invites Ataru, Lum, Shinobu, Megane, Perm, Chibi, and Kakugari to a disco. Things later go haywire as Tsubame starts casting spells and all sorts of weird creatures appear, including Rei.

24. Father, You Were Strong

Kurama takes Ataru back in time to help her father who appears to be afraid of women. Later Ataru and Kurama's father have to get past a guard on a bridge.

25. Hawaiian Swimsuit Thief

Ataru, Lum, Shinobu, Sakura, Megane, Cherry, and others are staying at a beachside resort. During the day, an octopus is stealing peoples swimsuits, but it appears to look like Cherry is doing it. At the end, they find the octopus and beat him up.

26. Full Course from Hell

Still at the resort, the group meets some maniac who is having an all-you-can-eat contest. Sakura reveals the secret of her figure to be a diet pill called "Beauty Foods." But we really know the real reason is Sakura can just plain eat like a whale, and we see her do so as she beats Ataru and Cherry in the contest and clean the maniac of all his food.

27. Mendou Arrives With Trouble!

Mendou returns for a formal introduction on his first day at school. He and Ataru have a duel for presidency of the class which ends in a tie. So they have a duel with cannons, which Ataru wins with help from Lum.

28. Constellation-Go-Round

Lum's computer tells her that Mendou is really the best choice for her lover, so she brings a set of constellation scales to school and weight Ataru versus Mendou in a series of test in the scales. At the end, the scales break and we see the class as constellations.

29. Great Kiss War

First appearance of Benten, Lum's best friend the goddess. Lum takes Ataru to another planet to help in a battle against Benten's family. The battle consists of catching stones in bowls on a giant set of scales. Ataru starts playing with Benten and ends up messing up the entire game.

30. The Benten Corps' Return Match

Benten and her girl biker friends come to Earth for another round of fun. Ataru sides up with Benten again, and Lum recruits Jariten and some people dressed as demons.

31. Oh, Lonely Teacher!

First appearance of Kuribayashi Sensei. Ataru and Kuribayashi are enemies from the very start. Then Lum shows up and Kuribayashi falls in love. Finally Lum goes out with Kuribayashi in hopes on lightening his spirits.

32. Terrible Inspection Day

On a day when students mothers come to school, Mrs. Mendou and Lum's mother get into a dispute and Mrs. Moroboshi acts as judge by setting up a roulette game.

33. Fourth Dimensional Camera

Mendou bring an antique camera to school that sends Ataru off into other worlds. Lum manages to find him through a class room window that had been stuck for years.

34. Demonic Jogging

Every morning, Ataru goes jogging early to see girls. On the way to school, Ataru breaks the fall of an attempted suicide as he was grabbing for a 100-yen coin below her. Ataru and Mendou get into a dispute over who is more noble and end up playing a game of tennis.

35. Girl's Day! Ran-chan's Arrival

First appearance of Ran, Lum's childhood friend. During a small celebration at the Moroboshi house, a little doll enchants Ataru to follow it to Ran. Ran tries to kiss Ataru to drain his youth, but Lum shows up.

36. Ran-chan's Introduction

Ran invites Lum, Ataru, and Ten over for cookies and tea, but her real plot is to suck Ataru's youth. Ran makes a double of Ataru and tries switching them, but she gets confused and loses the real Ataru.

37. Diary of Sorrowful Tomorrows

Lum acquire's Ataru's diary that has written in events that will happen throughout the day. Ataru tries to use it to his advantage, but the records in the diary are not quite how they first read; making use of puns or ambiguous statements.

38. Who is this Child?

Mendou finds an alien child in his locker and goes through great lengths to hide it from everyone. Later after everyone has found out, a whole mob of these alien children arrive, just for Mendou.

39. Sleeping in Class on a Wonderful Spring Day

During math class, Kuribayashi and all the students fall asleep, save for Ataru and Mendou. Lum arrives and finds out that a tiny old man and girl are responsible for this magic. The tiny girl then uses some more magic to have a party with Lum, Ataru, and Mendou; until the principal arrives with some parents.

40. Peach Blossom Poetry Contest

Lum, Mendou, Shinobu, Ran, Ten, Sakura, and Cherry all are in a blossom orchard for some traditional reason. Ataru is in the blossom orchard for a picnic. Cherry's chanting summons some sort of woman spirit, whom Ataru runs off and meets with a giant.

41. Duel! Ataru vs. Ataru

Ataru eats a lollipop Lum gave him and gets a mouth burn. Running off, he finds Cherry and a weird melon, which Ataru eats to cool his mouth. The melon causes Ataru to split into two Ataru's, one polite and the other casual. The two continue to fight all day.

42. Waking to a Nightmare

Sleeping in class, Ataru has weird dreams which he relates a little of as he occasionally talks in his sleep. Annoyed, his classmates wake him and a dream demon comes out from Ataru's sleep.

Special 1: Urusei Yatsura All-Star Bash

Mrs. Moroboshi narrates a recapping of the series up to this point.

Special 2: Grade School Excursion! Run For It!

First episode with Kaede, the ninja girl. On a school trip to a rustic village, Ataru finds a scroll dropped by a female ninja, Kaede. Her ninja master has her try to get it back by pretending to have a fondness for Ataru. But Lum shows up to protect her darling. So the master gets two more female ninjas and a clan of baby ninja's.

43 & 44. The Great Space Marriage Plan

First appearance of Primu, the winged and horned lady; and the Prince of the Underground. Lum's dad has set up a party for suitors to Lum. When Ataru finds out; he, Jariten, and primu arm themselves to save Lum. But they arrive just in time to see Lum betrothed to a unicorn boy who is really in love with another girl. Ataru, Ten, Primu, the Prince, and the other girl all kidnap Lum and Uni and finally get all the couples straightened out. Lum-Ataru, Uni-girl, and Primu-Prince (against his wishes).

45 & 46. The Spring Blossom Picnic

In the first part, Ataru is kidnaped by a kappa, a kind of turtle/lizard humanoid, and taken to her palace beneath the water. But he returns with a mermaid to an unwelcomed group. In the second part, Lum, Ataru, Mendou, and Shinobu explore a cave and get lost. They eventually wind up in a buried UFO and snack on the canned goods therein.

47. Beware the Earmuffs!

An alien sells Ataru and Ten some earmuffs that have a slight effect of switching maids. Ataru tries to use these to his advantage and ends up dragging Ten, Cherry, his parents, Lum, Shinobu, and Sakura into a mess.

48. Fly, Imo-chan!

At School, a little worm starts eating everyone's food and Ataru and Lum try to save it from the wrath of the others. By the end of the day, the worm has spun a cocoon and hatches into a beautiful fairy.

49. Ten-chan's Love

Jariten and Sakura go on a double date with Lum and Ataru in order to appease Jariten recent moodiness. Kintaro also appears every so often. The story ends with an emotional scene between Ten and Sakura.

50. What a Dracula!

A elderly vampire wants blood of a young girl, and with the help of his daughter, he get Ataru and Lum to help. They end up tricking Ran into coming to the vampire and Ataru tries to kiss the daughter. When Ran figures out what's going on, she sends the vampire to a blood donor wagon.

51. Lum's Educational Therapy for Little Boys

Lum goes back in time through a tea cup in order to train Ataru to be a faithful boy by planting a doll of her on his head that zaps him any time he touches another girl and gets ideas. The older Ataru accidentally falls through the time tea cup and about 3 meters. This also happens to give the flower more life and a will of it's own.

53. The Beautiful Maiden Comes with the Rain

Ataru manages to get a date with a new girl at school, Tsuyuko, who is always preceded by rain. This is caused by a curse put on Tsuyuko's dad, who as a child made friends with a bad weather spirit and promised never to lever her. But his family moved so she cursed him.

54. Give Me Back My Horn!

Jariten loses his horn and powers in a nasty fight with Ataru, who then begins to really torment Jariten. Ran, finding the horn thinks it's Lum's and she uses it to curse the horn's owner to grow a cactus in it's place.

55. All Quiet in the Library!

In the school library, Ataru meets a girl named Wendy who he helps with her library chores. After Lum arrives, the books start coming to life and the characters within help to cause a lot of chaos. At the end, we find out Wendy herself is from the book Peter Pan.

56. Teacher Hanawa's Arrival! Such is Youth!

First appearance for Hanawa-sensei. It's Hanawa's first day as a teacher and Lum's first day as a student. Ataru tries to make Hanawa go crazy by showing Lum's abilities, but Hanawa is too placid. Later, We meet Natsuko as Lum and Ataru join the volley ball team. Natsuko has had a great hatred of men since she was dumped by her boyfriend, whom she thinks Mendou looks like. Ataru, Lum, and Mendou try to give Natsuko a second chance at love.

57. Yearning for the Sad Monster

At a pool, at one of Mendou's hotels, a little blue monster has set up his home and is visited by an unconscious Ataru. Eventually the goblin is seen by all, and all evacuate the pool. Mendou orders the goblin to leave, so it does...for the Moroboshi house. So the next day, the kids take the goblin to the beach to find it a new home.

58. Darling's Had It This Time!

In an ice cream cafe, Lum and Ran are reminiscing about childhood times. of course, Ran is getting very angry and their waiter very hurt. Next day Ran leaves some candy for Ataru which when he eats causes him to get sick. As he goes to the nurse, Ran grabs Lum and ties her up in a closet. Ran then also goes to the nurse's office feigning sickness so she can try to kiss Ataru and suck his youth. But Sakura doesn't want to allow this.

59. Rei Returns! Crisis in the Classroom

First appearance of Onsen-Mark sensei, who has little hot spring symbols on his clothes. Rei comes to school and spends all day eating other people's food. Ran tries her best to win Rei's affections. He then leaves so he won't be late for dinner.

60. Appearance of the Red Phantom!

At school, there is a dance, and Onsen-Mark tells of how when he was a student, a mysterious phantom man in black and red stole away with Onsen-Mark's girlfriend. This same phantom shows up again this year, but by now he's fat. Lum tries to lift his spirits, but the fat phantom makes a fool of himself and gets carried off by his wife, Onsen-Mark's girlfriend from years ago who is now grotesque.

61. Pitter Patter, Summer Date

Lum blackmails Ataru into dating her by taking his book of girl's addresses. On the date, Lum tries to act like a normal Earth girl would. They go swimming and rollerskating, and later meet Perm who also has a date.

.I mean a GIANT watermelon which turns out to be a watermelon god; and he attacks them. In the second half, they join Sakura and Cherry for a party. But they are joined by a lizard-goblin who is always crying.

64. Panic in the Typhoon!

A typhoon is set to hit Tomobiki and the Moroboshi's are preparing by boarding up the house. Lum has a small capsule that has an effect on water which ultimately causes Lum and the Moro boshi's to be in a level of air between two levels of water in the house.

65. Drunken Boogie

At school, Ataru feeds Ten and Lum each an umeboshi, a cherry flavored with alcohol, and finds out Lum's race has no tolerance to alcohol. In a drunken rage, Lum flies about zapping people and trying to get more alcohol. Onsen-Mark thinks someone has sake in school because it is impossible to get drunk just on umeboshis.

66. Fear of Meow

Atop the Moroboshi house, Ataru, Ten, and Lum meet a half cat/half woman named Misuzu. As a human, Misuzu was drying and she melded with her cat to her present state. Ataru and Ten fight a cat with an eyepatch to see who will get to kiss Misuzu, and turn her into a full human or cat.

67. After You've Gone

In a Japanese survey, this was the #1 Urusei Yatsura episode. During a party celebrating Lum's first year on Earth, Ataru goes into a tirade about how horrible it is living with Lum, and Lum leaves....the Earth. But she leaves behind a doll she stitched together with her hair which Ataru finds. Ataru, Mendou, and everyone else spend the whole next day looking for Lum.

68. Lum-chan's Class Party

During the day, many visitors interrupt the Class; which are Cherry, Jariten, Benten, Oyuki, Rei, Primu, and the Prince of the underground; all who are avoiding Lum. Then Ataru and Mendou disappear. It turns out that Lum's alien friends are having a surprise party for Lum and the episode ends with a happy festival.

69. Lunch is a Battlefield!

During lunchtime at school, the teachers are using espionage and force to keep the students at school for lunch; and the teachers are aided by Mendou and a few other students. Ataru, Lum, and the other rebel students discover the teachers plan and retaliate.

70. Shiver! Mystery in the Odd Fossil Land

Ataru, Lum, Mendou, Shinobu, and Jariten all go on a picnic to a remote part of Japan which has some fossils. A group of archaeologists are also exploring this area and using a lot of fancy tricks to make the exploration seem more dramatic than it is. Ataru constructs a bird monstrosity with some fossils and Lum bring it to life. The bird then goes about reaping havoc.

71. Princess Kurama's New Challenge

Kurama has her subjects place her in suspended sleep again in the hopes that some prince may awaken her. Although Ataru is the one to really kiss and revive her. Kurama thinks Mendou did and she goes through great efforts to get him to be her mate.

72. Terrible Toothache Wars!

Jariten has a weird toothache. It can spread like a disease by biting someone, and he bites Ataru, who the starts to spread it among his school mates and Onsen-Mark. As Lum demonstrates on Onsen-Mark, the cure is very painful; so they continue to fight.

73. The Mendou Older Brother & Younger Sister!

This episode introduces Mendou's younger sister Ryoko. On the way to school, Ataru is scared by Ryoko in her Death guise. At school, Ryoko tries to feed her brother lunch; but Mendou is wise to her tricks. Ataru nobly offers to be fed the lunch, but Lum intervenes. Ryoko then makes an offer for Ataru to visit her for a Romeo and Juliet rendezvous. Mendou and Lum try their best to stop this meeting.

74. Cat on the Stairway

First appearance of Kotatsu Neko (cat), the giant white half ghost kitty. Jariten meets Kotatsu and invites him home. Upon seeing a kotatsu, a heater table, in the house; Kotatsu cuddles up beside it, blocking the stairway. Sakura and Cherry arrive to expel Kotatsu and find out that kotatsu died of cold many years ago and that is why he wants heat. Ataru tries to leave his room, Mrs. Moroboshi tries to leave Mr. Moroboshi; but everyone, including Kotatsu, ends up staying home.

75. Can the Raccoon Return the Favor?

Ataru helps a wounded bird who transforms itself into a raccoon and move in to repay the service to Ataru. The raccoon tries to do good, always makes a mess of matters, do it changes back into a bird and flies away.

76. Desperate Sub-Space Part-Time Job

Lum takes Ataru down an alley into an weird ancient Japanese town. After getting lost, Ataru does some running around and meets Lum again. Lum then introduces Ataru to a being who gives Ataru a job in a bath house for aliens and Ataru tries desperately to get over to the female's side.

77. Lum-chan's Great Year-End Celebration!

Lum brings two dimensional doors to class that take the students to a crazy fictional world where they temporarily forget themselves and take new identities; Mendou becomes Sherlock Holmes, Lum becomes a genie. Onsen-Mark show up and Ataru and Mendou try to help him remember who he is.

78. Children in Vain, Musashi, Signs of the Times

The normal cast is again put into an ancient Japanese story with Ataru as a food thief with Onsen-Mark and Cherry as his occasional companions. Ataru ends up running from Sakura, Lum and Mendou with a giant monkey. In the end however, it is Onsen-Mark who comes out ahead.

79. Risking One's Life in Class

Ataru and friends defeat Jariten with a barrage of snowballs, so Jariten seek to take revenge in the classroom. Unfortunately, today Onsen-Mark demands complete silence in the class and the students do their best to comply.

80. Is a Husband & Wife Quarrel Survival of the Fittest?

Lum's mother boots father out of the house, so he comes to stay with Lum. He then visits the school for a day and gives a speech about being married, which ultimately gets interrupted by Lum's mother.

81. Getting a Kiss from Miss. Snow!

Lum gets Ataru to go on a ski trip with her, but Mendou, Shinobu, and Lum's guards find out and tail along to cause static, Ataru enters a ski contest. The one who finds a small treasure chest on the mountain and bring it in, wins a kiss from Miss Snow!

82. St. Valentine's Day Horror

Mako, a small girl, falls in love with Ten-chan, but Ten can't stand her. Lum and Ataru prove to be only more trouble for Jariten as both of them try to help Mako get Ten-chan; when Lum and Ataru aren't too busy fighting amongst themselves.

83. Love, Love, Catchball!

Lum brings Jariten a pair of crystal spheres which each has an eye on it; one is red with a heart for females, the other blue with a star for males. If the correctly gendered person gazes into the eye, it will reveal one's destined mate?. Lum, Shinobu, Sakura, and Ran all meet to use these crystals; Ataru, Mendou, and Tsubame also show up; and everyone ends up in a fight.

84. The Mendou Family's Masquerade War

Ryoko invites Ataru over for a masquerade and Mendou gets a billion others to also show up for a masquerade battle. Ataru tries desperately to get to Ryoko despite the attempts of Lum, Mendou, and others.

85. Space Cold Panic!

Lum catches a cold from her daddy when he visits and she wears a surgeons mask to keep the virus from spreading. Megane and friends pay Ataru to get them Lum's mask since it was on Lum's face, but it turns out the virus has a weird effect on humans. It causes contacted areas to become orange-green striped.

86. Ryunosuke Arrives! I Love the Sea!

First appearance of Ryunosuke and her father Mr. Fujinami. Ataru, Lum, Shinobu, and Mendou go to the beach and meet Ryu and her dad who break into fights every few minutes. Next day Ryu and dad show up at school for Mr. Fujinami just got a job running the bookstore, and we continue to hear more of Ryu's problem of wanting to be feminine.

87. Goodbye Season

Ataru and Megane spend an afternoon talking and Shinobu eavesdrops on the conversation which makes everyone think Ataru is going to give up Lum to someone. Shinobu believes Mendou will be the first choice so she sends a secret force out to intercept Ataru but Megane shows up to see Ataru gets to school and deliver a speech that shocks everyone.

88. Ran-chan's Great Date Plan

Ran meets and falls in love with Ryu and asks Ryu out on a date. Ryu agrees because she wants to learn how to be feminine by watching Ran. Despite Lum and Ataru's efforts, Ran refuses to believe Ryu is a girl.

89. Happy Birthday My Darling

It's Ataru birthday and Lum wants to know what he wants. He wants to be free from her for at least his birthday. So Ataru goes through the entire day never meeting Lum till an accidental meeting at night when he's happy to meet her.

90. Seeing Shangri-La as a Hell Camp!

Lum, Ataru, Mendou, Megane, and Perm are camping. Mendou, Megane, and Perm painfully find out Lum's cooking is terribly hot and spicy; and Ataru, Mendou, and Perm set out at night to go hunting. They find a rabbit, bit it tries to offer other meaning of getting food. Next day, the kids are fishing and discover a huge peach and Cherry, Cherry shows them where to get the peaches and they end up meeting some priests and having a race.

91. The Groom's Name is Ryunosuke

Kurama's karas-tengus meet Ryu and decide she's perfect for their princess, until they discover Ryu's a girl. So they get a sex change gun which accidentally hits Ataru.

92. Bottled Letter Seashore Mystery!

Lum, Ataru, Ten, Shinobu, and Mendou are vacationing at the seashore. The boys each get a bottles love letter from a young woman who convinces them to stay at a weird hotel run by an old woman and a giant man.

93. Dramatic Appearance! Mizunokoji Ton-chan!

First appearance of Ton-chan (Tobimaro). He is first seen hit in the face with a baseball, which he swallows. Tobimaro is Mendou's childhood rival and Ryoko's love interest as we find out in this episode.

94. Shinobu's Cinderella Story

Shinobu helps a handsome dashing young man hide from some ugly dagger street rejects. Buts the goons continue to track both Shinobu and the man. Even some police are after the man, and Ataru, Lum, Megane and friends get into the act.

95. Lum-chan the Ruthless Rebel

Lum, Ataru, Mendou, Ryu, Shinobu, and Lum's Stormtroopers make a movie featuring Lum, Shinobu, Ryu, Mendou, and Perm as super powered beings with Ataru as the saint of love.

96. The Big Showdown! Sakura vs. Sakuranbo

One day, Lum makes some of her wonderful cooking for Ataru. But Sakura and Cherry show up and have a psychic battle.

97. Ghost Story! Old Man Willow!

Onsen-Mark tells the students a few ghost stories related to the high school, in particular, about a willow tree. In mock of the story, Ataru writes "Mendou's an idiot" on the willow in marker. The tree sprouts forth an old man who tries to avenge itself on Ataru by tricking him into searching for treasure on the school grounds. But Mendou and Onsen-Mark are also at the school that night checking about ghost stories.

98. And Then There Were None

Lum, Ataru, Shinobu, Mendou, Onsen-Mark, Sakura, Cherry, and Lum's guard are all at a mansion on an Island by invitation. by and by our friends are each found dead until only Ataru is left.

99. Firefighter Mommy Visits!

First appearance of Ten-chan's mother who is a fire fighter. She gives Ataru a bell to ring in case he happens to find a fire that needs extinguishing, namely one by Ten-chan. Ten desperately tries to fry Ataru without letting him ring the bell, but Mother keeps popping up with a storm of water.

100. Darling's Dying!?

Ran makes some special cakes for Rei for a picnic. These act as about 10 times the food they are. Ataru accidentally eats one of these and goes under. Lum trues desperately to save Darling and ends up trying to track down Ran in another world to find a cure.

101. Pitiful! Mother of Love and Banishment!?

Ataru's mother is knocked unconscious during a fight at the mall and has several nightmares that each begin with her waking from unconsciousness. One time she comes home to find she's grown old. Another time she comes home to meet herself.

102. The Mendou Family's Summer Christmas

Ryoko invites our cast to a summer Christmas party, where chained in pairs, they must try to climb to the top of a giant Christmas tree for a banquet.

103. Panic at the Ghost Inn

On vacation at the seashore again, Lum, Ataru, Shinobu, and Mendou stay at a hotel run by a weird old couple who like to scare their guests. But they have a real ghost of a beautiful young woman who spends a day with the kids at the beach.

104. Ah, Mother of My Memory

Ryunosuke has dinner at the Moroboshi's house after are turning Ten-chan who she found. Returning home, Ryu has a fight with her father about Ryu's mother. Ryu returns to see Mrs. Moroboshi who that night had been so motherly. Later, Ryu forces her father to show her the family album so she can see her mother, but Mr. Fujinami had anticipated this and surprises Ryu.

105. Plenty of Sun, Plenty of Sickness

Lum, Ataru, Shinobu, Ten, Mendou, and Sakura are at the beach. Jariten has a neat little wand that turns sand object into real ones. So Ataru and Mendou make 3 sand Sakura's and bring them to life. In the second part, Lum meets a dolphin and with the help of a disguising earring, She tries to make Darling jealous by having the dolphin pose as a handsome lover.

106. Big Bang! Ten vs. Ataru

Ten has numerous little fights, all which Ataru wins. So Cherry helps Ten by convincing him to wear weighted shoes to build strength. This only succeeds in hurting Ten more, so one morning he and Ataru have a duel. Ataru arrives at school with a cast on his arm and blames Ten, but that's not quite the end.

107. Horrors! Attack of the Slimy Potatoes!

Lum, Ataru, Shinobu, and Mendou all stay at a house in the wilderness and are attacked by some slimy potatoes blobs which turn out to be delicious. They eventually break out of the house and flee, but ultimately end up where they started.

108. Revenge of the Planetary Instructor CAO-2

Lum, Benten, Oyuki, Ran are reminiscing about a past robot teacher CAO-2. Ataru, and Mendou show up and are soon followed by CAO-2. Our friends then set up a big plan to get CAO-2 in a night fight at the school.

109. Hysterical! The Nasty Brat Shutaro!

Lum, Ataru, Mendou, Shinobu, and Ryunosuke go back in time and meet Mendou as a little boy in order to find out why he is claustrophobic. The younger Mendou proves to be more than a brat and Ataru and the older Mendou get caught. Lum, Shinobu, and Ryu come to the rescue and we find out how Mendou acquired his fear.

110. Wonderful! The Magic Mushroom Pot!

Cherry brings some magic mushrooms to school and the students cook and eat the. But these mushrooms has a strange affect on everyone except Lum; and they all start preforming acts.

111. The Wrathful Lum-chan!

In a fight with Ataru, Jariten accidentally burns a scarf Lum has just made for Ataru. Ataru tries to get Lum angry with Ten, but Ten goes off thinking of how he can apologize. He ask many people for help, but Sakura is ultimately the one who get Jariten to set things right.

112. Lum and Ataru, A Night Alone

Mr. & Mrs. Moroboshi win a trip for a weekend and leave Ataru and Lum alone for the first time. Ataru tries desperately to seek sanctuary elsewhere, but Lum gets him home and cooks dinner. Mendou, Megane, and Lum's Stormtroopers try to keep the two apart, but Lum and Ataru manage to get rid of them. By then it's time for bed.

113. Lady Ryunosuke

Onsen-Mark gives Ryunosuke lessons in how to be feminine and finally takes her to a wrestling match. The wrestlers get too out of hand and accidentally rip Ryu's beautiful dress and get her mad.

114. Document: Who Will Be Miss Tomobiki?

The school has a contest for the title of Miss Tomobiki. Lum, Shinobu, Ran, Ryunosuke, and Sakura are the contestants; and Ataru is the final judge.

115. Strange! The Wonder Medicine of Selflessness

Cherry gives Kotatsu an enchanted fish cookie and Kotatsu in turn gives it to Ataru, upon eating it, Ataru falls asleep. His spirit escapes from his physical body and he goes spying on Sakura and Shinobu in his new ghost form.

116. Shutaro, Miserable Morning

One morning Shutaro is recalling unpleasant memories Lum's and Ataru's relation has had on him and how he's lost to Ataru so many times. Cherry shows up only to help Mendou remember and cause more grief.

117. Tales of the Wandering Snowman

A snowman arrives from space and accidentally gets Jariten angry at it. Ataru unknowingly saves the snowman many times so it thanks Ataru with a late night encounter.

118. Lum-chan's Ancient Japanese Fairy Tales

Cherry tells an ancient fairy tale involving kiddie versions of an elderly Lum and Ataru who have Jariten as a son who grows up to fight an evil Rei who captured a princess Lum.

119. Shine! The Blessed Bra!!

First episode with Soban, the beady eyed, big lip bald goon who loves Shinobu. Soban's flunkies try to get Shinobu to date him, but Shinobu seeks safety with Ryunosuke making the flunkies think Ryu's her boyfriend. The jerks find out Ryu's a girl and bribe her with a bra to get her to pose with Shinobu for some date photos.

120. Duel! Benten vs. the Three Daughters

First appearance of Sugar, Ginger, and Pepper; the three skebans who attend the same school Lum, Benten, and Oyuki did. The skebans are trying to prove themselves greater than their seniors by humiliating them. This time their scheme is stealing Benten chain and the skebans go through utterly silly lengths.

121. Plenty of Lum-chans!

Ran kidnaps Lum and makes a copy of her. Ran sends the copy off to go zap Ataru so he'll be mad at Lum. However, electricity causes the copy to act like the original, but Ran doesn't realize until after she's made 6 copies, all which now think and act like Lum.

122. Certain Death! Stand-Up Eating Contest

Mendou's company hosts a noodle eating contest with some of our normal cast and some others. Two of these others have a love tragedy which is remedied at the end of the contest.

123. The Great Vault! Courageous Survival!!!

Mendou is showing off a large vault of his to Ataru when they are accidentally locked in and spend the rest of the episode trying to get out.

124. Operation; Peek in the Woman's Bath

Ataru, Mendou, Megane, Chibi, Perm, and Kakugari are at a bath house trying to peek over at the women's side. As the story continues, more of the female cast members show up.

125. Sakura, Sad Years of Youth

Cherry puts something in Sakura's food so that when she sleeps, a copy of Sakura as a young girl appears.

126. Burning Ran's Emotional Video Mail

Ran get some videotapes in the mail filled with bad moments in her life. Good thing there's no return address.

127. Sakura San of Youth

This episode is narrated by Ataru who is recalling memories of Sakura and her influence.

128. Scramble! To the Rescue of Lum!

After a fight with Darling, Lum returns to her UFO which crashes overnight on the Mendou estate. Lum's lost her memory and Mendou convinces her she's his fiancee. Ataru and Lum's Stormtroopers together fight to free Lum.

129. A Fight to the Death! Ataru vs. The Mendou Brigade!

Part 2 of Story 128, in which the 5 heroes scramble across the Mendou estate to try and save Lum.

130. Dimensional Switch, Where's Darling?

Lum and Ataru are walking in a park and Lum goes through a dimensional warp door. Lum locates the door and arrive at various parallel worlds of Tomobiki, in one of which Ataru lost the tag game.

131. Crash! Her Ladyship and the Football of Love

At school, the boys and Ryunosuke are playing rugby in P.E. class when the football is switched for a UFO shaped like a football which is visiting Earth. Ryu, Lum and ataru are taken inside the UFO and Ataru chases the UFO's princess while Lum chases Ataru.

132. Ran-chan, Tasting the Tearful Love of a First Kiss

Ran bakes some fish food snack with a special ingredient that should cause Rei to kiss her when he eats them.

133. The Indelible Magic Lipstick

Lum makes some lipstick that cannot be rubbed off, and works like a magnet when two people put the lipstick on. Lum tries to use it on Ataru but he swipes it from her and tries to use it at school the next day. However, so does everyone else.

134. Deadly Combat! The Mendou Family's Flower Display Death Match

Something has been causing trouble with it's late night snacking anywhere it pleases, and it turns out to be Ryoko's pet cherry blossom tree. When the tree eats a leg off each of Shutaro's octopi, he stages a wrestling match between his secret police and Ryoko's tree. But Ataru and Lum get in on the fight.

135. Benten & Ryunosuke; Run for the Morrow

Benten and Ryunosuke meet a small girl who loses her kitten. The two swipe a biker gang leader's bike to go after it and end up getting the whole gang after them.

136. Great Horrors! Oyuki is Finally Angered!

A snow lemming from Oyuki's planet accidentally comes home with Ran and starts causing her great problems. Lum, Oyuki, and Benten show up to try and help, but the only result is a fight between Benten and Ran. Finally everyone calms down, but now Oyuki has to scold the lemming.

137. Ten-chan's Wonderful Love Story

Jariten meets a ghost girl who very much wants to hug a puppy, but because she's ethereal, she can't. So Jariten tries to help her by letting her posses his body.

138. Haunted House Special! Quest for Mendou Estate Treasure!

Mendou's grandfather sends Shutaro on a treasure hunt for the Mendou mask, and Ataru, Lum, Shinobu, and Lum's Guard come along as they all go across ice plains, through forests, and an amusement park to finally find the mask.

139. Love and War! Battle of Glove vs. Pants!!

Ataru dons a magical glove in order to bop Jariten, but the glove is part of a magical pair. When Ataru finally dons the both, he is bestowed with an amazing and uncontrollable ability to super punch anyone coming close to him. Sakura and Cherry prescribe one way to remove the gloves. Have a match; to which Megane shows up in magical wrestler's pants and Mendou in another magical outfit.

140. Lum-chan's Becoming a Cow?

In a pet store, Lum is bit by a cow, which she zaps. In the following days, she feels she is turning into a were-cow and a change in her horns seems to indicate this.

141. Great Achievement! The Film of Lum-chan's Youth

Ataru, Lum, Mendou, Shinobu, and Lum's Guard are making a love story movie about Lum. Ataru and Lum are lovers but because of Ataru's infidelity, Lum goes off with Mendou and Ataru tries desperately to get her back. In the end, Mendou, Ataru, and Shinobu are not at all pleased with the movie and attack Megane.

142. Ghostbusting! Exorcising the Beautiful Sakura!

At school, Sakura's office is full of demons that she can't get rid of because Cherry is using her wand of papers to exorcise a sake drinking demon. Ataru goes off to find the wand. And finds Cherry in the middle of exorcising and ensues in a fight with Ten and a cat. Ataru runs off with the wand and Jariten flies off with the demon who is trapped in a bottle. Sakura eventually gets her wand back and she needs it because Ten and Lum free the demon not knowing what it is.

143. Attack of the Protozoa! Panic at the Poolside

The students are cleaning the school's swimming pool when Jariten shows up and proves to be a real pest. After a fashion, Jariten presents some protozoa seeds. The pool is suddenly flooded and the seeds grow into a giant protozoa that swallows Ataru and Mendou into a other natural world where they meet Adam and Eve.

144. Here Again! The Hunter of Love, Princess Kurama

Princess Kurama uses a compter to find a lover and gets Rei. She steals Rei from Ran so Ran gets Lum to help, but Ataru shows up to make things worse. Finally Kurama forgets about Rei when she sees him turn into a bull-tiger.

145. The Fox's Unrequited Love

First episode with Kitsune, the little fox who loves Shinobu and can sort of polymorph. Kitsune comes to Tomobiki and is saved by Shinobu from some dogs. Falling in love with Shinobu, Kitsune goes to school the next day to be with her and because of his polymorphing he causes a bit of confusion and fighting.

146. Ryunosuke Confused! Solid Rock Mother Cherishes Her Young Pebble!

During a vacation at the beach, Ryunosuke meets a woman who greets Ryu as her child. But this woman acts a little odd and doesn't say much. Unfortunately, at the end, the woman turns out to be a metamorphic turtle who was looking for her turtle child, who was disguised as a rock but is found at the end.

147. The Stairs! Footsteps in the Girls Dorm!!

Ataru tells Jariten a old ghost story about a spirit who appears as a beautiful woman then seduces and kills men. She is noted by a lantern she carries and a wooden clanking sound. That night, and nights after, despite Lum's efforts, Ataru is spirited away by a ghostly lantern, but returns every morning claiming to have been to paradise. So one night, Lum, Mendou, Ten, and Cherry follow Ataru.

148. Pool Spooks! Burning with Forbidden Love

Lum, Ataru, Shinobu, Mendou, and Jariten are at a beachside hotel pool. Lum trying to improve Jariten swimming with a device that looks likes a fish. When attached to someone's stomach, it propels in the opposite direction one is swimming in order to build strength. Accidentally this gets attached to Ataru which makes it difficult to have fun swimming. In the second part, we meet the little goblin from story 57 who is in an aquarium. He trying to get his pet fish back from a nasty shark wearing sunglasses, so the kids offer to help.

149. Ran-chan's Panic: No Tomorrow for Tomobiki

Ran buys a spiked pearl to give to Rei, but it slips through a rip in her pouch and Kotatsu finds it. When Ran realizes it's gone, she gets everyone into a panic because this pearl can go supernova. Ataru lets that knowledge slip out while asking a policeman about the pearl and the town goes into a panic blaming Ataru.

150. Where is Love's Home? Kuriko and Chojuro

While picking fruits in an orchard, Lum discovers a living fruit that wants to be with another living fruit it loves. By sitting on a person's head, these two fruits can posses a person somewhat, but no completely. So a struggle ensues as to who will bear the fruits so that they may be together.

151. Man or Bird? Gokakenran, Champion of Justice!

Jariten meets and helps revive an aging superhero. This superhero, who has a terribly long and silly name, helps train Jariten to be his replacement by giving Jariten a costume and some items.

152. Attack your Seniors! Revenge of the Infamous Three Daughters

The skebans return and fail to best Oyuki or Benten, so they try to get Lum. Ataru and Lum make a deal that for one day, Ataru may chase all the girls he wants if he will date Lum. Lum never even notices the skebans, although she zaps them several times; until the end when they outright confront her. So she zaps them again.

153. Blaze, Secret Powers! Stick to the Straight and Narrow Path

Lum brings a red oval-shaped alien to class and makes the kids preform a talent show to his liking or they will not be allowed to leave.

154. Don't Die! Ryoko Special Straw Doll

Ryoko makes a voodoo doll of her brother Shutaro and gives it to Ataru, only telling him that it's important and he should always keep it close to him. During the day, Ataru unknowingly causes Mendou great pain and finally Mendou figures out how.

155. Hell Encounter! Armored Girl; Beauty or Beast?

Part 1. First episode with Asuka Mizunokoji, younger sister to Tobimaro. Mendou's parents and the Mizunokoji parents are arranging a marriage between Shutaro and Asuka, but all we've seen of Asuka is a hulk of Armour. Tobimaro and Shutaro fight over the marriage. Ataru catches a glimpse of Asuka and pursues her. When he finally catches her, Lum zaps him which causes the Armour to fall off.

156. Love of the Armored Girl! Maidenly Feelings Reeling

Part 2. We find out that Asuka was raised never seeing a male, and Ataru makes a bad first impression, causing Asuka to be terrified of males. After a lot of fighting and running, Asuka is captured and Ataru and Mendou fight over who will marry her. Tobimaro nobly defends his sister causing her to fall in love with him. The episode ends with Ryoko, who loves Tobimaro, entering and blowing up everything.

157. I Dearly Need You! Return of the Honest Fox!

Kitsune is told a story about a Kitsune who uses magic seeds to turn a woman into a fox, Kitsune gets some of this seed and tries to get Shinobu to eat it but everyone ends up having some after it is put into Cherry's cooking pot.

158. What Do I Care for Talking Flowers!

Thanks to Cherry, some flowers of Ran's are set loose and quickly multiply. These flowers can repeat anything they hear and end up doing so in very bad places and times. Everywhere, things are going into panic because of the flowers, but Lum and Ran manage to collect and contain them all...they think.

159. The Birth of Ten-chan's Son? I Didn't Know a Thing

A space carrier passing Earth accidentally drops some weird eggs on it. As Ten soon finds out, these eggs attach them selves to one's belly and after a little time, hatch a bee that looks like the person. The little Ten-bee causes Ten a lot of problems, but soon Ten isn't the only one being bee-set. Finally, the delivery duck picks up the bees he dropped at the beginning.

160. Lum's Courageous Duel! An Ironic Victory

A junior female student at Tomobiki is bring bothered by Soban and his flunkies, but Lum zaps them and saves her. Lum then promises the girl that she will fight Soban for her and win. However, Lum finds that getting the strength will not be easy, so she uses a pair of strength wristbands and some special pills that temporarily give her super strength and she fight Soban.

161. Job Hunting! Sneaky Return of the Reject!

Kaede, the ninja girl, is found by Mendou and gives her a job as bodyguard in order to hide her. The old lady ninja master shows up and Ryoko sets up a race for Kaede to see if she's good enough for her job.

162. Tomobiki High School Survival! Who Are the Survivors!

Three boys at Tomobiki High school have a motherly love for tomatoes, and when Jariten accidentally burns their green house, they beat him up. Jariten takes revenge by sinking the school roof high into the ground. Everyone gets uneasy and blame falls on the three tomato boys, who start fighting back.

163. The Mysterious Giant Cake! Love's Fleeing Panic!!

Ryoko invites everyone to a party inside a giant cake hall. Once everyone has arrived, Ryoko lets it be know that the cake is infested with bombs all set to go off soon. With a bomb detector, Lum and the other's try to find all the bombs and end up at the top of the cake. Where Ryoko is waiting with a machine gun, tries to convince Tobimaro to marry her. But a puppeteer tells Ryoko it's time for the bombs to detonate, so she leaves unscathed.

164. Underground Reincarnation! What's Darling Thinking Of!?

Ataru, Lum, Shinobu, and Mendou planes crash on an island and meet a girl and her father in a village where large bamboo shoots instantly grow at noon. The village also has special mushrooms that make one fall asleep in a burst of light and the surrounding area becomes one's dream world. The kids each eat one, but only Ataru's is special.

165. Snow Panic? The Mendou Family Cherry Blossom Display Banquet!

The kids are having a celebration outside and end up all getting intoxicated and performing a play that takes place in feudal Japan.

166. From the Far Spring! The Tale of the Lonely Fairy!

A snow fairy is watching Ataru during the day and makes a date with him for tomorrow. When Tomorrow arrives. Shinobu is telling Lum's Stormtroopers about snow fairies while Ataru is meeting with her in the forest. She speaks with him in a way that makes him think of his relation with Lum and when he returns home, he's in an odd mood.

167. To Dreamland! Darling Battle Royal Abduction

Lum is growing some special Dream-Fruit berries and Ten-chan secretly gives on to Sakura, and Lum gives one to Ataru. Every night, Sakura and Ataru meet in there dreams, which is very unpleasing to Sakura. Thrice is too much and Sakura demands an explanation. Lum takes a dream-berry and all three of them have a fight in dreamland over who will marry who, since there are two Ataru's in this dreamland, the real one and the dream one.

168. Return of the Three Daughters! The Great Scheme to Seduce Darling!

Sugar, Ginger, and Pepper try to seduce Ataru, but fail miserably. So they use an aphrodisiac spray which causes Ataru to fall in love with just about everyone and everything but the three girls.

169. The Scampering Kotatsu Cat! Anything to Get Warm

Kotatsu Neko buys a Kotatsu that refuses to let a blanket be put on it. After examination, Ataru discovers the Mendou crest on it calls idiot; but that summons Mendou just as easily. After a fashion, the kotatsu meets another living kotatsu and the two go off together.

170. Ryunosuke's Father's Self Sacrificing Devotion! His Wife is Within Images!

Ryu is again pressing her father if information about her mother. Mr. Fujinami tries to get a new wife to be Ryu's mother, but his silly attempts are useless. Finally Mr. Fujinami takes Ryu to a amusement park where he and Masako (Mrs. Fujinami) used to work before marriage, and he gives Ryu, Masako's work outfit.

171. Spring Blossom! Frozen by Oyuki's Cold

Ran needs money for a date with Rei, so she convinces Oyuki to help her and they set up a stall at a festival. But Ran tries to sneak away with the money after she had promised to give half to Oyuki, so Oyuki freezes Ran and takes all the money. Next day, both Ran and Oyuki have a cold, but Oyuki's cold causes her to uncontrollably freeze everything around her and her cure requires capturing Kotatsu Neko.

172. Panic Among Friends! I Love to Eat Blowfish

Lum and Ataru buy a blowfish. Jariten likes it as a pet, but Ataru wants to have it grow so he can eat it. Jariten gives the fish the same snack he gave the swallow back in story 4 and the fish can now fly and spit electricity. The fish goes out and gets into frays with Cherry, Kotatsu, Mr. Fujinami, and causes Mendou and some girls to get mad at Ataru.

173. The Armored Girl Returns! Plenty of Older Brothers

Asuka comes to Tomobiki High School to deliver a scroll message to Mendou. But seeing all the boys at school frightens Asuka. Then she happens to fall in on Ryu. Asuka thinks Ryu is a boy, and Ryu tries to show Asuka the truth.

174. The Boredom Syndrome! Is Tomobiki Wasting Away?

Ataru drinks a can of eye drops Lum left in his room, thinking it was juice. Because of this, his and other's dreams start having weird effects. Next day in school, things start duplicating. First Ataru, then Mendou, Shinobu, Sakura, and even the city itself.

175. Look Out, Ran! Kotatsu Neko's Primary Love is Oden!?

Ran make a special pot of stew that has been magicked so that Rei will be madly in love with Ran. But Kotatsu walks in and gulps it all down and starts to follow Ran around, much to Ran's annoyance. After much fleeing, Ran tries making another batch of stew and we find out that all Kotatsu really wanted was another pot of Ran's yummy stew.

176. The Armored Girl Returns Again! A Storm Raising Date

Mrs. Mizunokoji has Mendou and Asuka go on a date on their estate, but Ataru interferes to scare Asuka. Asuka goes on a rampage destroying everything until her mother tries to cure her fear by handcuffing her to Ataru. Big mistake.

177. Arrival of the Mysterious Priest! The Bell Battle Royal

In the first part, everyone in school is desperately trying to get Sakura in her office. Later a priest shows up and rings Ataru, Shinobu, Ryu, Lum, Mendou, and Sakura to a great bell in a shrine and ask them to rings the bell, promising to give them "kane" (money) After a lot of silly ways of ringing the bell, the priest gives them all "kane" (bells) proportional in size to the number of times they each rang the bell.

178. First Love Relived!? A Return to the Past for Lum and Rei

Jariten finds part of a love locket Lum and Rei got when they were going together. At a birthday party for Mendou's favorite octopus, Lum tries to hide this fact, especially from Ataru. But Rei shows up and makes matters difficult.

179. Appearance of the Youthful Old Man! Shine, Great Teahouse of Dreams!

A middle-aged man and his daughter opens up a teahouse which constantly becomes the scene of many fights between Tomobiki High School students and staff. Ultimately the man must close because of them, but he's not leaving without getting his revenge...

180. I Love Darling's Sincerity

A ghost girl who fell in love with Ataru while she was alive wants to have a date with him. She spent most of her life in the hospital and made a scarf, mittens, and most of a sweater before dying; all of which she wanted to give to the handsome boy she saw from her window, Ataru. Finally, she wants to be with him in a snowfall, but it's June. However a sudden fireworks display gives the same effect and the ghost leaves. Next day, Ataru and Lum visits her grave with some flowers.

181. The Honest Fox Again! I Love Shinobu

This episode is notable for the appearance of Hokuto-Kun (Hokuto No Ken/Fist of the North Star) Kitsune goes to Tomobiki High School and bring the class back to his class in the woods on a flying bus.

182. I Love the Sea! Prayers for the Thriving Hamajaya!?

At the beach, Ataru, Mendou, Shinobu, Lum, and Ryu are trying to attract customers for the Hamajaya restaurant, but Mr. Fujinami keeps scaring away the customers. But Lum manages to find a lot of customers who aren't scared off.

183. Ryunosuke vs. Benten! The Fruitless Duel of Passion

Benten comes to visit Lum and again meets Ryunosuke, but Mr. Fujinami is trying to convince Benten that Ryu is a boy. Benten finds out the truth, and the school principal stages a femininity contest between the two.

184. The Magic Bottle! What's to Become of Me?

Jariten buys a magic bottle that can shrink anything down to fit in the bottle. Lum is accidentally caught in this and with her new size she has trouble not only protecting Darling, but herself as well.

185. The Great Devil's Debut! Lum's Dangerous Purchase!

Discipline in school raises to a new peak because of the disturbances caused by the arrival of packages from space for Lum. The parts are for a giant robot whom Lum brings to school and he incites a full scale war between the students and the combined faculty and Mendou Corps.

186. Goodness! Words Aren't Getting to Darling

During a fight between Ataru and Ten at breakfast, Ataru misses Ten and hits Lum with a rice cooker; causing her to forget how to understand or speak Japanese. Ataru at first sees this as a blessing and begins a girl hunt feast.

187. The Devil's Summer! Ten-chan's Eel Lunch Plot!

Jariten gets a fever from stayimg in the sun too long and the cure is to be made very cold. So he tries to hide his illness from Lum as he helps some faeries get back their eel lunches they lost, which Sakura found. These fairies look like Ataru and Sakura, and their children look like someone special when they hatch.

188. Visitation Panic! I Didn't Mean Any Harm

Ran gets sick and asks Lum to come over by sending Lum exploding dolls, missiles and the like. Finally Lum comes over and tries her best to make Ran feel comfortable. But trying isn't succeeding. Or is it.

189. Scary! Is That an Octopus on Shutaro's Head?

An apparition of one of Shutaro's favorite octopi appears on his head and cannot be removed. So he calls in Ataru, Lum, Sakura, Shinobu, and Cherry for for help.

190. Invader From Space! He's After Lum's Lips!

A space centaur comes to Earth where he takes the guise of Ataru and tries to kiss every girl in school, but fails. He does manage to kiss Mendou though and then he tries to kiss Lum.

191. Space Survival! They are the Eaters

On a spaceship near Earth, an alien is cleaning a special food bowl and drops it. It arrives at Tomobiki High School and we soon find out it can magically present any food spoken to it.

192. It's a Thrill! The Terrible Overhead Cooler

It's a hot summer day, and the heat is bothering everyone except Lum. She has a chunk of ice floating over her head keeping her cool. and she offers some to everyone. However, if one doen't keep a cool head, the ice conks one on the head.

193. Love Attack! The Romance Never Stops!!

Lum buys a plant that grows a little cupid. She then gets the cupit to try hitting Ataru with an arrow. But as usual, things never turn out quite as well as they could. Shinobu, Mendou, Ryunosuk and even her dad all get involved as well as many others.

194. Rare Form! Worries for Mother the Firefighter!!

Ten's mother visits and Jariten wants to give her a bouquet of carnations to show his love for her. However, one by one, he either loses or gives away the flowers and ends up missing her. but at night, he manages to catch and give her the last one.

195. Hardselling Happiness! Out of Focus Bluebird!!

An escaped alien convict, a bluebird, come to Tomobiki and begins to grant people's wishes. This causes some of the most outrageous results.

196. Great Uproar! Ryunosuke's First Time Wearing a Swimsuit!!

Ryunosuke has a final showdown with her father. If she wins, she gets to wear her mother's bathing suit. As this epsiode opens, we get to see a lot of past characters in the crowd; and we move to a flashback where Ryu finds some letters that cause her to be happy with her father.

197. I Want a Bride! The Fox's Love Adventure!

Kitsune comes to Tomobiki High School during a costume festival to see Shinobu.

198. How Persistent! The Three Daughters' Great Animal Plan!

Sugar, Ginger, and Pepper try to use various animals to humiliate Benten, Oyuki, and Lum. On a day the class goes on a field trip to the zoo.

199. Fast Money in Fast Fighting! Hamajaya's Forbidden Business

The Fujinamis are camping out on the beach as some form of training and least...Ryu is. Next day, Mr. Fujinami sets up a fish garden in a swimming pool and charges a mere 500 yen for entry. but it turns out this fish garden is full of sharks, electric eels, and other dangerous sea animals.

200. Wish Upon a Star! The Winning Family's Consumer Panic

A wishing star crashes in the Moroboshi house and offers to grant three wishes which are to be written on paper which it will eat. Mr. Moroboshi dreams of a perfect wife and daughter, while Ataru dreams of...what else.

201. Special Delivery Kiss! Darling's First Jealousy!

A frog arrives by space mail for Lum in class. He says he was once a prince but was turned into a frog and a kiss will restore him. He even has a picture of his former self.

202. Scary Sake! Sakura's Possession a Big Failure

Sakura's drinking sake invokes a powerful serpent demon which starts causing troble for Lum, Ataru, Shinobu, and Mendou at Mendou's residence. Cherry shows up to try and set things right. But invokes a frog and a snail demon who side with the snake.

203. It's Strange! Cherry's Yoga School!

Cherry instructs Ataru, Lum, Sakura, Mendou, and Shinobu in yoga lessons that's all I can say.

204. Good-bye Onsen-Sensei!? Tearful Good-bye Marathon Banquet!

Onsen-Mark spends some time out in nature for health reasons. He returns for a school marathon and plans to have a final duel with Ataru.

205. Pure Love Sakura! The Slippery Soap of Seperation?

Sakura and Tsubame's relationship is having problems. They only get worse after a game of tennis. Sakura accidentally uses Lum's soap which causes Sakura to become very slippery to the touch.

206. Asuka vs. Older Brother! Battle for Certain Love!

Lum introduces two new items to try and help Tobimaro and Asuka's relationship. A seed that when placed on Tobimaro's head, sprots into a sunflower that gives him super strength in sunlight. The other is a seed that sprouts into many vines that the wearer can control, and this is for Asuka.

207. Darling's Ill Omen! The Dreaded Shijimoto Oracle!!

Lum and Ataru are at a Shijimoto festival and visit serval stalls to discover their forturnes. Lum takes Ataru to a strange one through a magic gateway and Ataru recevies the shock of his life.

208. New Years Panic! The Mendou Family's Human Parcheesi Tournament!

Lum, Ataru, Shinobu, Mendou, and Jariten are invited to Mendou's grandfather's special house which is set up with all kinds of traps. Meanwhile, the rest of the Mendou family makes a game of the others attempts to get through the house.

209. Dreaming Ten-chan! The Great Adventure at the End of the Rainbow!

Jariten meets a magical little man in a puddle reflection who has lost his magical umbrella, and if Jariten can return it, the man will let Jariten visit a dreamland. But finding and returning the umbrella proves to be difficult.

210. I Want to Date! Ataru's Test Program!

It's test time at school. Ataru asks everyone for help, but the only one to help is Lum. She uses a weird machine to copy Mendou's notes but ends up getting Ataru and the notes intermixed. Next day in school, Ataru is copying everyone's actions. After recovery, Ataru get a little luck token from his mother that produces a little sprite who tries to help Ataru during the test.

211. Darling Said He Loved Me

Sakura makes a special candy for Shinobu and Lum that causes one to be very kind, honest, and noble. Lum tricks Ataru into eating this and Ataru's manner is not exactly a change for the better.

212. Death-Defying House Call! A Teacher Life is Dangerous too

Onsen-Mark visits the homes of Ryunosuke, Mendou, Shinobu and Ataru; in that order. But each visit only proves to be trouble, until Onsen-Mark visits Lum's house.

213. Total Chaos! Ran-chan's Double Doll!

As Jariten arrives at school, he get's into a fight with the class. Ran's dolls show up, blow up; and Lum, Ran, Ataru, Shinobu Ten, and Mendou end up staying after school. Ultimately they start fighting again until Kotatsu accidentally awakens a special doll of Ran's.

214. Blind Love! You Bet Your Life, Honest Fox

Kitsune hears a story about a woman who was trapped in a picture by a demon and saved by a hero. Finding a picture of Shinobu, Kitsune sets off to find a demon and defeat it. and guess who he attacks.

215. Come Quickly, Darling! Lum's Dangerous Marriage Talk

First episode with Shingo, the boy who lives in the electric jungle. Shingo, who has been raised by television since he was lost in the electric jungle as a child, goes out to chivalrously find a girlfriend. He meets Lum and Lum asks Shingo to help her with a plan. By pretending to be kidnapped, Lum hopes to make Ataru jealous, but Lum's capture goes from pretend to real.

216. It's Unbearable! Ran's Mischief Campaign

Ran and Lum are remembering childhood times and all Ran can recall are bad memories. Ran decides to send out a small spy of her's that can cause one to remember old grudges, and first it strikes Ryunosuke, and then Ataru.

217. Urusei Yatsura Pre-Departure Special! Shine!

This episode lists the top ten favorite U.Y. stories in the introduction and reruns the most favorite, story 67.

218. All-Star Banquet! We Are Immortal!!

In the oddest places, everyone is finding invitations to a festival. They gather to try and figure out who is responsible and decide to attend and see what happens. What happens is the sun goddess show up. and at the end of the episode many many familiar people form the series show up as well.

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